Creating a lead magnet: How to craft valuable content that draws people to you

Session Overview

After launching her business without any website or email list, Tamiko understands how to create content that draws people to you. By understanding what it is that your audience truly needs and doing a bit of legwork, you can create an offering — and an initial resource — that people are instantly attracted to.

Tamiko walks you through the full process of identifying a need among your prospects and creating a valuable piece of content to get them into your sales funnel.

What you’ll learn

In this session, Tamiko elucidates how to:

  • Talk to your clients to gain valuable direction on the problems you can solve
  • Distil that information into meaningful insights
  • Conduct research so you can stand out
  • Create your content draft
  • “Inspect what you expect” (or conduct a mini test run)


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Sales Strategy Seminar – Tamiko Kelly

Tamiko Kelly

Baby Sleep Expert, Sleep Well. Wake Happy.

In 2012, Tamiko Kelly walked into the office of her corporate boss and did something many folks dream of doing… …she quit. It was time for her to pursue her true passion: teaching babies to sleep.

With no money saved, no website and no email list, people thought that she was crazy. But within 48 hours her business had generated 20K. Fast forward to today…Tamiko has helped over 500 mamas get a good night’s sleep and those who have worked more closely with Tamiko have reported more passionate marriages, deepened bonds with their kids and feeling like themselves again.

Her clients have generated over 80K in additional revenue after using Tamiko’s tips to get their babies sleeping through the night. And with over 10,000 social media followers, moms all over the world are benefiting from her sleep tips.

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