How to ask great questions

Session Overview

Learning to sell with confidence and kindness really boils down to learning to have great conversations with people. And the key to that? Asking great questions.

In this session, Renee Hribar takes you through the five steps she’s successfully used to close sales for decades. You’ll learn how to understand your value and connect with potential customers one-to-one in a way that feels comfortable — and, in a way that’s effective.

After listening to Renee’s discussion, you’ll discover that you don’t have to ‘sell’. Rather, through asking and listening, you can shepherd people through the process of finding the right solution for them.

What you’ll learn

You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to apply the following key steps in order to ask great questions and conduct successful sales calls:

  • See them
  • Hear them
  • Repeat back to them
  • Provide examples
  • Lead with value

Renee Hribar

Sales Strategist and TEDx Speaker, Renee Hribar International

With her contagious laugh-and-learn teaching style, Renee Hribar shines new light on the “softer side of sales” for sales first-timers as well as those looking to build on their experience. An established sales professional in New York since 1994, Renee has sold millions of dollars in products and services and trained thousands of people.

A TEDx speaker and an executive sales coach, Renee leads with heart and shows others how to do the same. She offers training sessions at global conferences, boardrooms and in virtual settings – including her weekly Facebook Live program, The S Word Live.

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