How to use challenges to sell a product or service

Session Overview

Video offers a valuable connection tool, and — as Paige shares — it can be a lot of fun too. In this session, Paige shares her wisdom around creating a challenge that’s easy for people to participate in, and how to incorporate video both in the pre-promotion and in the challenge itself. She shares the importance of using storytelling through video, and walks you through the key points in getting started with video as part of your challenges.

What you’ll learn

Get a glimpse into how (and why) video is a great, engaging tool to use when selling a product or service through a challenge. This session will show you how to convert cold leads into customers by demonstrating:

  • How to entice people by offering valuable content as part of your challenge
  • How to make the challenge feel “winnable” to people (and why that’s important)
  • How (and why) to keep your challenge simple
  • How to encourage sharing to grow the audience for your challenge
  • How to use video to create a bit of buzz around your service or product


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Sales Strategy Seminar – Paige Wilhide

Paige Wilhide

Video Strategist, Paige Media

Paige’s passion for video ignited when she started producing promotional videos from her fourth-floor walk-up apartment in New York City. Since then, she’s grown a video marketing and production agency that has launched hundreds of video projects.

Now a resident of Los Angeles, Paige teaches entrepreneurs how to embrace video and build massive online influence. Her signature course, Lights, Camera, Crush It, is changing the game for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses with video.

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