How to use live events to launch new (or multiple) income streams

Session Overview

Wondering if a live event could be the right avenue to grow your income streams? (And…wondering if hosting a live event is really introvert-friendly?) Tune in to Nicole’s session, where she shares lessons learned and the secrets to her success using online live events (such as challenges, webinars or interview series) to launch new income streams.

You’ll walk away with a clearer picture of how multiple income streams can actually help you stay focused and find security in your business.

What you’ll learn

This session will answer those lingering questions you may have about the value and process of hosting live events. You’ll learn:

  • Different types of online events that can be used to launch your programs or services
  • How live online events help introverts engage with their audience (and successfully sell)
  • How to connect with your target audience and inspire them to sign up for live events
  • How to handle sales post-event


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Sales Strategy Seminar – Nicole Liloia

Nicole Liloia

Business Strategist + Coach, Nicole Liloia

Nicole Liloia admits that she’s learned a few lessons the hard way since starting her first business in 2013, but — thankfully! — she shares that wisdom with the female entrepreneurs who she works with. After successfully doubling her income when she started adding in new income streams, Nicole has continued to increase her income every year since then.

She leverages her personal experience to provide strategy and mentorship to women who want to scale their business from one-to-one services to multiple income streams. And knowing first-hand what burnout feels like, Nicole helps her clients avoid it as their businesses grow and thrive.

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