Surpass your revenue goals by tracking the right numbers and following up effectively

Session Overview

Success requires understanding the numbers behind your business and embracing the art of the follow-up. As Marva divulges, people buy from friends. She sheds light on how to approach the follow-up from a relationship perspective and how to spark genuine conversations that can lead to engagement — and, ultimately, more revenue.

What you’ll learn

In this session with Marva, you’ll discover insider insights on how to:

  • Price your services in a way that feels good (and helps get the results you’ve worked for)
  • Break down your income goals so that it’s an effective motivator for you (rather than a source of overwhelm)
  • Gather insights to improve your sales system through analytics and tracking
  • Get out of the mindset that you’re “bothering” people by following up and learn to follow up in a feel-good way that works

Marva Goss

Sales Expert and Coach, Savvy Sales

Marva Goss is a certified sales expert and coach to female small business owners. She’s helped clients double their revenue from launches, have six-figure months and multiple five-figure weeks.

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