Mastering your money mindset to truly thrive in your business (and life)

Session Overview

Lisa candidly shares her own experiences and why she needed to shift her money mindset and “get honest with the stories and beliefs” she had around money. Doing so enabled her to take charge and move her business forward in a more powerful way than ever.

She shares how you can also become more energetically available to receive more money by mastering your money mindset.

What you’ll learn

In this session, Lisa breaks down important questions to ask and strategies for owning your money mindset so that you can move forward and thrive. She sheds light on:

  • How to get clear on your money beliefs
  • How money is just energy and how to talk about it from a neutral standpoint
  • The next steps after uncovering your money blocks
  • Practical tips for tracking your money
  • How to transform your business by taking responsibility for your relationship with money

Lisa Carpenter

Master Coach and Emotional Resiliency Expert, Lisa Carpenter Coaching Inc.

Lisa is the secret weapon for successful, high achievers who want to live, lead, and perform at their peak. She helps her clients break free from being the last thing on their to do list and shift their perspective so they can feel more peace, ease, joy, and fulfillment. Her Full Frontal Living™ message and methodology gets her clients to stop pushing their way through life, get present and take control of their physical and emotional well-being so they can step into next level impact and influence.

With nearly 20 years of coaching experience, and an extensive background in nutrition, fitness and subconscious reprogramming, Lisa brings a unique combination of coaching to her clients, helping them reclaim a relationship with themselves where they become their number one priority. She is also the author of the #1 best-selling Amazon book Let’s E.A.T! Break the addictive cycle of dieting and make peace with food and your body… for life! along with being the creator of multiple online programs.

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