The epic way to close a sale

Session Overview

Laura wisely attests that “sales is a learnable skill,” and in this session she explains how “the magic happens in the ‘close.’” In this session, Laura shares five steps to help you successfully close — or, as she puts it, to help your potential client say ‘yes’ to transformation. You may be surprised to learn about the one thing Laura’s found the most revolutionary when closing a sale—collecting client’s credit card over the phone in a way that leaves them feeling excited and empowered by their investment.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn how to bring your full self and how to negotiate the close of a sales call, including:

  • How to start the close with an “invitation”
  • Why you should make more than one invitation
  • Why getting payment is an important — and even a feel-good! — part of closing the call
  • How to approach the close as a “call and invitation” rather than “push and pull”


Free Gift: The Epic at Sales Guide to Overcoming Objections
Sales Strategy Seminar -Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Master Coach and Sales Ninja, EPIC at Sales

While she’s a self-proclaimed extrovert, Laura Wright has a deep understanding of the value of listening and connecting. Both are skills that she relies on to help an array of businesses grow and prosper.

With a background in fine arts and a penchant for closing deals, Laura has helped over 4,800 artists sell the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars of work. Her experience extends to selling and filling multi-million-dollar events, turning over six-figure profits in real estate, and growing her clients’ businesses from $250K in revenue to more than $1.2 million in approximately two years.

Laura leverages more than two decades in sales to help others make their sales truly epic.

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