Empowering potential clients through the sale with a value-centred sales process

Session Overview

Keen to master sales in a way that feels good and remains aligned with your values? In this session, Lacey discusses her journey to creating a successful, value-centred sales process. And, she shares the steps for you to do the same, including some common missteps for you to avoid and how to truly be yourself during the sales process.

What you’ll learn

In this session, Lacey will light the way to achieving more sales and higher conversion rates. You’ll discover:

  • How to own and believe in your own value first
  • How to clarify your offer
  • How to improve conversion rates by understanding what drives people to buy from or engage with you
  • How to avoid common sales mistakes
  • How to identify and filter your audience to improve your conversion rates


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Lacey Sites

Business Mentor + Success Coach, A Lit Up Life

Lacey Sites is living proof that you can live the dream of running a service-based business that truly lights you up. She grew her own coaching business to the multi-six-figure mark in less than 16 months. Since then, she’s made it her mission to help other women grew their businesses to give them the personal and financial freedom they desire while making the impact they’ve longed to make.

Lacey has helped her clients leave their nine-to-five jobs, fill their practices, launch programs (making five and six-figures at launch), and helped clients hit their first $5k, $10k, $20k, even $100k — in a matter of months. In the last year alone, 15 of the clients Lacey has worked with have already surpassed $100k in their business.


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