How to book and convert more discovery calls

Session Overview

If you’re wary of making a ‘hard sell’ call, you’ll be interested in learning how a discovery call offers a softer approach to sales, one that helps bring your prospective client clarity so they can make an informed decision. Jessica will walk you through the reasons why discovery calls are a valuable piece of your toolkit. You’ll learn how a discovery call is an opportunity for a productive, one-on-one conversation, when to use one and how to manage the call itself.

What you’ll learn

Specifically, this session will give you insight into how to:

  • Market your discovery calls rather than offering free coaching or consulting
  • Identify potential clients who will benefit from a discovery call
  • Demonstrate the value of a discovery call
  • Book more discovery calls
  • ‘Sell’ the discovery call

Jessica Lorimer

Sales Consultant, Smart Leaders Sell

Jessica Lorimer believes that the sales process truly can ‘feel good’, and since establishing her sales coaching and consultancy business in 2014, she’s shown more than 3,000 entrepreneurs how to make feel-good sales a reality.

While she landed in sales herself somewhat by happenstance, Jessica now leverages her decade of experience in corporate sales to teach and inspire others. Jessica’s career has spanned from technology and financial services to pharmaceuticals and luxury fashion. Regardless of the industry, Jessica uses her understanding of the psychology of sales to successfully close deals — and now, she teaches others to do just that, too.

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