Using Facebook Messenger to sell to your soul-aligned clients

Session Overview

Learn why concentrating on “soul-aligned action” is the key to Jessica’s success — and how to make it your secret to success, too. Jessica talks about why it’s essential to put your message out there — constantly — and how to specifically use Facebook Messenger to connect with your soulmate clients.

What you’ll learn

This session will give you powerful insight into how to use Facebook Messenger instead of sales conversations. You’ll discover how to:

  • Be entirely yourself so that your soulmate clients are attracted to you
  • Consistently show up and share your message (and how often to do so)
  • Invite people to directly message you, and how to follow up when they do
  • Start a conversation that helps you discover if a potential client is the right fit


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Sales Strategy Seminar – Jessica Caver Lindholm

Jessica Caver Lindholm

Founder of To Living Free, Modern-Day Mystic and Self-Made Millionaire, To Living Free with Jessica Caver Lindholm

From nothing more than a dream, Jessica Caver Lindholm started her empire back in 2014. She quickly grew that dream to hit six-figures in just six months (after only earning $7,000 the previous year as a yoga instructor). Now, she consistently makes six-figures a month doing what she describes as her “soul work”, all from “ease and flow, baby!”

Rather than hustling her way into exhaustion like so many people, Jessica helps her clients do the soul work that aligns with their desires so they can impact millions — and make millions. No matter where clients are in the process, Jessica helps clients start the revolution they envision, change the world and be paid for their presence.

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