Removing the ceiling on your earning potential

Session Overview

Jennifer brings a psychological perspective to how we deal with money, diving into not only our associations but also our genetic predispositions. She applies this to help you start breaking through some of the existing money stories and beliefs that are holding you back.

What you’ll learn

Jennifer dives into how to remove the ceiling in your earning potential. In this session, she addresses:

  • Why many women have imposed a ceiling on their earning potential (whether they realise it or not)
  • Where to start in order to shift your existing money beliefs
  • How your relationships impact your earning potential
  • How to get out of your own way in order to earn more


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Jennifer Love

Money Psychologist + Visionary CEO, One More Woman

With seven years of formal behavioural psychology training under her belt and experience as a CEO of a mortgage company in New York by the age of 29, Jennifer Love has a unique background that’s helped her become who she is today — one of the three per cent of female entrepreneurs who ever grow a business beyond $1 million.

Jennifer is an advisor and confidant to executives of Fortune 200 companies, celebrities and exponential founders. With Jennifer’s help, her clients have even had ‘sharks’ on Shark Tank fighting for them.

Jennifer has built five companies from the ground up and led each of them as founding or co-founding CEO. She’s also helped raise over $100 million for her ventures and those that she’s supported.

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