Hosting webinars to convert customers

Session Overview

After successfully selling all the spots to her new group coaching program during one single webinar, Jacqueline is able to shed light on how to leverage webinars to convert customers. She’ll help you overcome any anxiety around hosting a webinar by shifting your perspective to focus on how you can help people.

What you’ll learn

In this session, Jacqueline highlights how to achieve high sales conversions using webinars. You’ll learn:

  • How to structure your webinar
  • How to provide value through your webinar
  • How to use sales and persuasive language
  • How to lead into the sale
  • How to close the webinar and lead into sales

Jacqueline Kincer

Business Coach to Healthcare Practice Owners, Jacqueline Kincer

Jacqueline Kincer has been coaching holistic healthcare practitioners for the past six years. Last year she started an online group coaching program and successfully filled every spot by selling it in a single webinar. Her students are getting amazing results — doubling, tripling their businesses.

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