Master your energy and make the sale feel GOOD

Session Overview

Ready to let go of your fears and doubts about selling? Want to show up to sales calls with an amazing and magnetic energy? Cori shows you how to stay rooted in your integrity and sell with ease by shifting your sales mindset and feeling positive about making the sale.

What you’ll learn

In this session, you’ll learn about mastering your energy and your boundaries to make the sale feel good. Cori dives into how to:

  • Shift your perception of selling
  • Understand the root of your fears and discomfort around selling
  • Feel good about yourself and your offerings
  • Learn to make it about them, not you!
  • Align your energy before sales calls and set boundaries


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Sales Strategy Seminar – Cori Javid

Cori Javid

Success Coach & Business Mentor, Cori Javid Ltd

After more than a decade in an investment bank, Cori Javid left her position to pursue a life of more freedom and fulfilment. Within three months, Cori replaced her corporate salary. Within seven months, she doubled it, continuing to grow her business while working 25 hours a week or less.  

A mother, success coach and business mentor, Cori specialises in helping other mothers with online businesses to grow their income — not their hours.

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