The psychology of strategic selling: Mastering your mindset around sales

Session Overview

During the course of her career, Bernadette figured out that if she swapped the word ‘like’ for ‘respect’, she could really move forward with purpose. Rather than worrying if people liked her, she was able to embrace empowerment and confidence.

Bernadette helps you understand the psychology of sales — both from the seller perspective and the buyer — so you can get into an effective selling mindset.

What you’ll learn

Bernadette’s session will highlight how to attract more business and get a foot in the door. She delves into topics including:

  • How to discipline your emotions during a sales call
  • How to identify and deal with common chokeholds in a sales conversation
  • How to own your value
  • How to make your empathy work for you, not against you, in a sale


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Sales Strategy Seminar – Bernadette McClelland

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Sales Strategy Seminar – Bernadette McClelland

Bernadette McClelland

Australia’s leading speaker on ‘The Psychology of Strategic Selling’, 3 Red Folders

Bernadette McClelland has worked around the world with thousands of salespeople, sales teams, business owners and associations. Through these interactions, she’s helped them make more sales, increase their margins and make a difference.

Bernadette has also been an Anthony Robbins business coach for the Asia Pacific region across 12 countries, and she’s helped Harvard MBA students with the sales component of their MBA degrees. A sought-out speaker, Bernadette looks forward to travelling to the USA, where she’ll be speaking at a number of prominent sales conferences.

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