How to frame a sales call

Session Overview

Want to discover how the key to selling isn’t about talking, but rather about listening? In this session, Aandra Bohlen sheds light on how to sell with your ears, not your mouth, and how to leverage your innate listening skills to make the sales process feel more organic.

You’ll embrace a new belief system around selling and learn the framework of a sales call. After this session, you’ll understand why a sales call shouldn’t be doing the heavy lifting.

What you’ll learn

This session will inspire (and give you the tools) to:

  • Embrace a new belief about selling (one that empowers you!)
  • Shift your mentality to see sales as a powerful point of connection
  • Know how to prepare and pre-qualify your sales calls
  • Get into the flow of a successful call


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Sales Strategy Seminar – Aandra Bohlen

Aandra Bohlen

Sales Call Matchmaker, Positive Rx

Aandra Bohlen is a sales matchmaker on a mission to help entrepreneurs love their relationship with selling. By placing the emphasis on connection and transformation, she’s built a successful track record teaching people how to sell the easy way. In 2018 alone, Aandra surpassed $1.1M in sales entirely through sales calls using her High Converting Sales Call System.

Aandra takes joy in seeing people make measurable improvements to their sales call process, from first touch to testimonial. She’s created the Epic Enrollment Experience ~ The Sales Call System, and she works one-on-one with businesses to create scripts and pitches and make impactful sales calls.

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